Export packaging with the guarantee of security

We are experts on export and industrial packaging of products. Our credo is  WRAPPING WITHOUT BORDERS - borders of world´s countries or size, form or weight. We are particular about personal attitude. We will prepare made-to measure solution. Just choose what we can help you with.
We are a strong partner for your logistics
The company of Kment, ltd. continues in original principles and traditions of a family firm of Kment. Originally we were focused on a woodworking manufacture. Since 1991 we have become a specialisied company.We realize export packaging of products and produce wooden and VCI anticorrosive packing.. Since then we have managed to create an apparent philosophy, stable staff and a wonderful engineering background.. The tradition of our company enables us to be operative and creative to the needs of our customers in the atmosphere of a personal attitude.
Our customers´ products packed in our packaging without borders borders travel safely all around the world. We export them to these countries, for example: the USA, Russia, China, India, Japan, Australia, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Quatar, Gabon, Ethiopia, Chile, Venezuela, Iceland, and others.


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In case of any questions in English or German, you can contact us on kment@kment.cz or on the phone number +420 737 285 285. Thank you for your understanding.